Learn all about what we do and how we support adults with learning disabilities to feed back on services they use

Asking You! is part of The Advonet Group. We help people with learning disabilities to speak up, and make sure people listen. We are led by Leeds people with learning disabilities.

We promote the idea of “nothing about us, without us” and help people feedback on the services they use. This makes services in Leeds better.

What We Do

We help people to have their say in lots of ways. These include running the Leeds Learning Disability People’s Parliament and our Good Lives Leaders.

We have volunteer advocates who are matched with an adult with a learning disability. They help them to make their voice heard. They also help them to get their rights met. These are called Citizen Advocates.

To help people give feedback, we run consultations. They help people to have their say on the services they use. The feedback is used to make services in Leeds better.

We are co-led by and run for adults with learning disabilities. Some of our staff members and volunteers have a learning disability. Their lived experience helps us in our work.

If you are an adult with a learning disability and live in Leeds, Asking You! can help you give feedback and be involved.

Get Involved

If you want to be involved in our work, we would love to hear from you!
Please contact us by either: