Citizen Advocacy is where a trained volunteer works as an advocate for an adult with a learning disability

The Citizen Advocate meets regularly with the person, who is the advocacy partner.

The volunteer helps the advocacy partner to get their voice heard. This can help if you are not being listened to when accessing services or trying to get support.

What do Citizen Advocates do?

Our Citizen Advocates aim to:

  • Visit and contact their match regularly e.g. every month
  • Build a positive one to one relationship
  • Develop strong communication with their match and come to know their values, wishes and preferences
  • Identify the client’s choices and decisions, but not make or influence them
  • Remain independent of services such as housing, care and support
  • Remain independent of the client’s family and friends
  • Provide information, signpost and support to access appropriate services
  • Support the client to speak up for themselves and promote independence

To see what our volunteers do in their roles, please watch this video:

Who Is It For?

Citizen Advocacy is for an adult with a learning disability living in Leeds with:

An ongoing advocacy issue present

A lack of independent people in their life

Becoming a Citizen Advocate

Get Involved

To either become a Citizen Advocate or be paired up with one, please contact us. You can either: