For our and Connect in the North’s next What’s On Your Mind? meeting, we will be showing films about loss.

Lippy People will be showing 11 films made with adults with learning disabilities. In each video, they will be talking about people who are close to them who have died.

The films are very powerful.

We will watch some of these films together. We can talk about how they made us feel. You can share your own experiences.

When is the meeting?

It is on Tuesday 13th December from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.

You can either join this session online or come to Connect in the North’s office.

The office is at this address:

Connect in the North
Office 46
The Sugar Mill
Oakhurst Road
LS11 1GY

Places are limited so you must let us know if you are coming.

The link for the meeting is:

The Meeting ID is 975 0089 8445.

Please email [email protected] or ring 0113 270 3233 if you want to come or have any questions.